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got tagged by :iconvioqueen:

1: Go to and set it to Generate 1, 
all generations and all types, no nature.

2: Paste the Pokémon to the corresponding question.
3: Type down your reaction~!
4: No Pokémon repeats.
5: Turn off the "Ubers" option.
6: Post these rules!

The questions: 

Awesome, I'm a little bugger who can look into your soul and have problems keeping my powers in check as long as I keep my ears down.
Your partner-in-crime: Porygon-Z
Ah, just how I like, nice and crazy.

Member 1:Relicanth
Always nice to have an old rod in the team, who helps you through the toughest situation.

Member 2:Binacle
Goddamn, why did I recruit these two idiots again?

Main Boss:Pupitar
Just a simple cocoon...I hope he's far away from his next form.

Grunt 1:Kangaskhan
The bastard hired a mother and child to defend his sorry ass!

Grunt 2:Hitmonchan
Now this guy might be a problem, but nothing that a bit of mind raping psychic powers can't fix.

Grunt 3:Jumpluff
Can somebody explain to me what's up with this happy guy?

Inn Keeper:Glameow
An inn keeper you don't wanna mess with without gloves.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend:Solosis
A simple minded gal that understand my powers.

Your stalker:Drilbur
GOD DAMN IT! The restraining order also counts for underneath the ground!

Your admirer:Fraxure
You might not be able to learn anything I can do, but I'm sure I'll be able to make you a great fighter!

Your enemy's team leader:Pichu
Little bastard tries to be cuter then me! No way I can let that flow!

Boss 1:Mankey
Quite the agile guy, but he really likes to monkey around.

Boss 2:Meowth
Greedy bastard, always bugging me with payday.

Boss 3:Dustox
Get down and beat me like a proper pokemon!

Final Boss:Ludicolo
Oh damn it, I hate the bosses that love to toy around!

Your sempai:Alakazam
A great and wise teacher, with a bitching mustache!

The pokemon that defeats you:Froslass
At least I go down to quite a beauty

Pokemon who tags others:Raticate
He's already ready to tag the fuck out of people

I tag
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