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Legacy Academy Application - Fae Hawkins by ADJenkins Legacy Academy Application - Fae Hawkins :iconadjenkins:ADJenkins 5 15 LA: Akiza Hiyu by ADJenkins LA: Akiza Hiyu :iconadjenkins:ADJenkins 9 0 Liz Vase - Sylph Dawn OC Application by ADJenkins Liz Vase - Sylph Dawn OC Application :iconadjenkins:ADJenkins 5 7 Legacy Academy: Akiza Hiyu by ADJenkins Legacy Academy: Akiza Hiyu :iconadjenkins:ADJenkins 15 42
Your-fairy-Tail S-class trial task 2
It was a sunny day in Magnolia town. Jack was on his way to the Fairy Tail guild.
The enhancement mage walked into the guild and got greeted by the guild members. He greeted them back friendly and made his way to the Bar where master Makarov was sitting on top of it and Mirajana was standing behind it.
“Ah Jack, how did the job go?” Makarov asked Jack with big grin. Jack smiled. “Hello too master.” He chuckled. “Can I have a beer Mirajane?” He asked Mira who replied. “Sure, Jack.” She smiled as she walked to the tap. Jack turned to the guildmaster and nodded with a smile. “Went pretty well. The client was a bit grumpy that I kinda ruined a part of his land, but he was pleased that I stopped the bandits that kept attacking him.”
Makarov nodded as he took another gulp of his drink. “That’s good to hear. Anything special between those bandits?” The master asked.
“Hmm…not really…well maybe a c
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Ariada Makari - New Headmistress Legacy Academy by ADJenkins Ariada Makari - New Headmistress Legacy Academy :iconadjenkins:ADJenkins 27 99
A starry moment - LA Activity check
A clear perfect night to go looking at the stars. On top of the academy Fae was laying on her back with her son Phoenix laying on top of her chest.
Phoenix was sleeping over at his parents. It was the first time that he could sleep in the same place as his parents since he had to part with his parents to heal from his disease.
Fae smiled as she pointed to certain constellations in the sky as Phoenix simply looked up amazed  and giggling sometimes as Fae gave certain funny explanations about the constellations.
“That over there is your constellation, Cancer.” Fae said pointing at the stars that made it. “It’s a big crab that pinches other stars when they aren’t in the right place.” She explained as she made crab hands with her hands and softly grabbed Phoenix his belly with them.
Phoenix giggled a lot as he tried to pull her hands away to stop the tickling feeling. Fae laughed as she continued teasing her son.
After a bit she stopped and looked b
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Your Fantasy Client App by ADJenkins
Mature content
Your Fantasy Client App :iconadjenkins:ADJenkins 6 22
Mature content
A mother's tears :iconadjenkins:ADJenkins 3 21
My ID :3 by ADJenkins My ID :3 :iconadjenkins:ADJenkins 4 67
Liz Vase
Name: Liz Vase
Nickname: Lizzy (More T.B.A. )
Alias: Slime girl
Age: 18
Birthday: 23 November
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair Colour/Style: Green hair, Medium cut and messy hair. [Colour, cut and Length]
Eye Colour: Green
Skin Colour/Tone: normal
Body type/Build: Slender. (Note: temporarily changeable thanks to magic)
Height: 5,5” (Note: Can get bigger thanks to magic)
Weight: 45kg
Liz is a cheerful and happy girl. You can find her smiling almost all of the time.
She likes to tease people in whatever way she can think of.
She’s kind to friends and always curious to meet new people.
In battle, Liz is always playful but still kind of serious, thanks to her magic. She like to toy with her opponent till the moment she feels that it should be over, where she’ll probably try to finish it at fast as possible.
Clothing Style
Normal Wear: She most of the times wear simple green shorts. She combines this with a
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Scor's precious memory.
A white Harmonika…a nice town covered in snow as more was gently falling from the sky.
Near the center of town Scor was walking towards his house, looking up at the sky as he walked.
"Snow…" The snow kept falling and falling as he continued his way.
For some reason the snow reminded him of something as he stopped and kept looking at the sky. People at Sea-wing started talking about their dearest memories.
Now that Scor thought about it there was one bad but also good memory that he held close to his heart…
On a snowy day a year after Scor ended up in the orphanage he ended up in a fight. He beat some kid up after the kid insulted his deceased parents. The headmistress heard about the fight and Scor was ordered to come to the headmistress her office. Scor expected punishment so he didn't care about it as he had gotten in several problems over the year that he was there, and punishment was never severe.
When he arrived at the door, he knocked on it. "Come in." The
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Happy Hour! - Sea wing Secret Santa gift by ADJenkins Happy Hour! - Sea wing Secret Santa gift :iconadjenkins:ADJenkins 0 2
Sea wing: Scor revalidation adventure
…continuation of "Sea wing: Wanted: Zanzus D. Dragon (failed)"
"The treatment was a success. He's in a stable condition now." A male voice said.
Scor wondered who was talking and what happened. He slowly opened his eyes, but the only thing he could see were dozy forms of humans.
"He's opening his eyes, master." A girls voice said.
"Oh, I thought he would be sleeping for at least a few hours. Let's see…can you hear us?" The master asked.
Scor nodded. "Good." The master said. "Well I suggest that we put you to sleep for a few hours, so that you can heal up a bit more."
Scor again nodded. "Okay. Put him to sleep, Yuuto." The master said. "Yes, master." Yuuto replied as he used some sleeping magic on Scor.
The next moment Scor opened his eyes, he was in some sort of hut, in a comfy bed. He slowly sat up, feeling jolts of pain shoot through his body, especially his back.
He looked down at his body and noticed that his upper body was practically completely bandaged.
That moment a young woman
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Sea wing: Wanted: Zanzus D. Dragon (failed)
Zanzus D. Dragon, a dragonslayer who is supposed to have the weakness of vampires as his power.
Scor was on his way to the last town that he was sighted and observed the picture on the wanted poster. The guy had about mid-length blond hair, green eyes and a particular scar going over the length of his face.
"What kind of power would this guy have…" Scor thought to himself as he was sitting in his.
In his head he went through all the weaknesses off vampires that he could think off, from a wooden stake through the heart to the sun.
"If it's wood, I just gotta keep defending myself with my diamond body, but what if he isn't am I gonna fight the power of the sun." Scor thought further.
He was so focused on finding a way to fight the dragonslayer, not noticing that the train started to slow down and eventually stopped. He suddenly realized that the train had stopped, when he heard the message of arrival.
He walked out onto the platform and walked into town. Scor took about an hou
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Flying 101 teacher by ADJenkins Flying 101 teacher :iconadjenkins:ADJenkins 34 222


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League of Legends, Sona by SplashBrush
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got tagged by :iconvioqueen:

1: Go to and set it to Generate 1, 
all generations and all types, no nature.

2: Paste the Pokémon to the corresponding question.
3: Type down your reaction~!
4: No Pokémon repeats.
5: Turn off the "Ubers" option.
6: Post these rules!

The questions: 

Awesome, I'm a little bugger who can look into your soul and have problems keeping my powers in check as long as I keep my ears down.
Your partner-in-crime: Porygon-Z
Ah, just how I like, nice and crazy.

Member 1:Relicanth
Always nice to have an old rod in the team, who helps you through the toughest situation.

Member 2:Binacle
Goddamn, why did I recruit these two idiots again?

Main Boss:Pupitar
Just a simple cocoon...I hope he's far away from his next form.

Grunt 1:Kangaskhan
The bastard hired a mother and child to defend his sorry ass!

Grunt 2:Hitmonchan
Now this guy might be a problem, but nothing that a bit of mind raping psychic powers can't fix.

Grunt 3:Jumpluff
Can somebody explain to me what's up with this happy guy?

Inn Keeper:Glameow
An inn keeper you don't wanna mess with without gloves.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend:Solosis
A simple minded gal that understand my powers.

Your stalker:Drilbur
GOD DAMN IT! The restraining order also counts for underneath the ground!

Your admirer:Fraxure
You might not be able to learn anything I can do, but I'm sure I'll be able to make you a great fighter!

Your enemy's team leader:Pichu
Little bastard tries to be cuter then me! No way I can let that flow!

Boss 1:Mankey
Quite the agile guy, but he really likes to monkey around.

Boss 2:Meowth
Greedy bastard, always bugging me with payday.

Boss 3:Dustox
Get down and beat me like a proper pokemon!

Final Boss:Ludicolo
Oh damn it, I hate the bosses that love to toy around!

Your sempai:Alakazam
A great and wise teacher, with a bitching mustache!

The pokemon that defeats you:Froslass
At least I go down to quite a beauty

Pokemon who tags others:Raticate
He's already ready to tag the fuck out of people

I tag




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